Whirlpool 230 Imfresh ROY 4S 215 L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator Price in India, Full Specification, Features 15th Feb 2023


If your living room tends to double up as a TV room, then you may want a good side table and other cabinets to keep in each space. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. When you are tired for the whole day and need whirlpool 215 l 4 star some cool water and Fresh Food. This is possible only with a magic think-cool refrigerator that brings all happiness and coolness to your home. In between all these things have you ever wondered what all features can make one perfect refrigerator.

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For that you will definitely need a nice looking dining table to keep the place full and with life. The dining table then not only becomes the most essential furniture item for any home, it also becomes a highly flexible piece of furniture that can then go on to be used as a desk, a craft table, and so much more. Your dining table is likely one of the most used and appreciated furniture items in the entire house.

Keeping Milk Safe During Power Outages, This single-door refrigerator’s laminar airflow and magic chiller features keep your milk fresh for up to 12 hours during a power outage. A center table, dining table or even a coffee table is key to amp up the living space. The furniture designs can essentially vary to match the overall theme of the house. During power cuts, this refrigerator automatically connects to your home inverter. As a result, this refrigerator maintains a consistent cooling, and your food stays fresh for a long time.

As a part of the “Energy Labelling Plan” of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, the star rating of Refrigerators effective 1st January 2023 onwards will be one star less than its rating from 1st Jan 2020 to 31st December 2022. Mattresses are a long time invest so you may want to take your time on choosing the ones that go a long way with you. You can choose from sprint, coir, foam and all sorts of mattresses that ideally keep you all snuggled up at night.

SAMSUNG 192 L Direct Cool Single Door 3 Star Refrigerator(Saffron Red,RR20A1Y2Y2YR8/HL)

Whether it’s going to be a memory foam, innerspring, or even a hybrid type, mattresses can surely make all the difference when it goes to sleeping well at night. With a great dining table you will of course want to get some matching dining chairs to fully go along with that cool brand-new table. It’s essential to look for chairs that match or feature the theme of the table. You can also make a purchase of the complete set, that is one which comes with a dining table and a dining chair. A comfortable sofa set is definitely a critical investment for any home.

Daikin 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC with PM 2.5 Filter – White (FTL35TV16W1/DTL35TV16W1, Copper Condenser)

Elegantly DesignedThis refrigerator features a curved Crescent door design that gives it a smooth and flowy look. The sturdy Breathe Arc handle adds to its elegant structure.IntelliSense Inverter TechnologyThis proprietary technology from Whirlpool makes the refrigerator’s inverter compressor energy-efficient. It ensures that your food items and beverages remain fresh.Magic ChillerThe easy-slide action of the magic chiller quickly chills your beverage bottles.

Vegetable Crisper with Honey Comb Moisture Lock-in Technology maintains optimum moisture in your vegetables and keeps them fresher for longer. See our Return Policy to find specific return information for this product and steps on how to return in-store or by mail. This refrigerator has special cooling vents to effectively regulate the air inside this appliance in a laminar flow.

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