Techniques for Making a Girl Feel Special




It makes sense that you would look for techniques to make a girl feel special online if this is your first relationship or if you have had previous failed relationships. And it is truly admirable of you, considering that the majority of men do not believe it is worthwhile of them to make an effort to keep their women happy. For this purpose, anyone of you should know how to make a girl feel special.

So congratulations for being a fantastic boyfriend! And with that out of the way, here are 12 wonderful techniques you can use.


A Girl’s Guide to Feeling Special


Offer your shoulder to her


The biggest error a man can make in a relationship is to entirely disregard his partner’s emotional needs and think that she is content. You have to realize that women have been socialized to be more outspoken beings. So how exactly do you expect to find out what worries her if you won’t bother to ask her?

Observe her without passing judgement. Tell her you’ve heard her and that you’re always available if she needs a shoulder to cry on.


When she’s upset, hug her


Kissing her is wonderful, but have you considered other methods to express your support for her that are less sexual’? In America, every couple kisses. But how many of them regularly embrace one another? Because of this, sometimes all she needs to know that the man she loves is by her side and ready for her to vent to him when she’s unhappy is a hug.


Surprise her with a loving gesture


The mere concept that you tried to make her happy will make her heart flutter with joy, regardless of whether she has a romantic bone in her body. It could be as straightforward as carrying the weight of domestic responsibilities or as complex as a weekend getaway.


Give her some time


Money cannot replace the time you spend with her in any manner. Clarify that, please. You must get to know a girl if you want to know how to make her feel unique. And you need time to accomplish it. And perhaps you shouldn’t be dating in the first place if you’re too busy to make time for her out of your hectic schedule.


Inquire about her aspirations


Make sure you genuinely show interest in the things that matter to her—her likes, dislikes, interests, or future goals. Again, most guys don’t bother learning such intimate facts about their partners, so the very fact that you took the time to learn so much about her will astound her.


Recognize her efforts


You don’t realize how much effort she does that is unnoticed by you. It could be something as simple as always taking out the trash when you forget, or handling all of your evening plans. The moment you begin to take things for granted, you begin to lose the lady you love. So go ahead and thank her for anything she does for you as well as to praise her for it.

Be frank with her


Nothing is more charming to a woman than a man who confides in her and reveals his true vulnerability. This can involve confessing your feelings to her, talking to her about your anxieties, or even disclosing your darkest secrets that you’ve never shared with anyone else. Regardless of what you choose to say, you can be confident that you’re well on your way to learning how to make a girl feel special.


Make special memories with her


Visit your local flea market, visit a theme park, take a spa weekend trip, go hiking or trekking, or go snorkelling. Wherever you want to go, go there. Just make sure the location changes each time. Take plenty of shots of the two of you together, too. As an added bonus, post them on social media and tell your friends and family about your experiences.

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