Special Education Services Evaluation Process for Dyslexia Oklahoma State Department of Education


For example, use a traffic light system for reading aloud in class. Some dyslexic kids will actually go ‘green’ every time and love it but for some it’s torture. 3) Make sure your lessons are planned & differentiated to suit the needs of all learners but don’t assume that all your dyslexic students will fall into the ‘less able’ group . Sometimes all they’ll need is the security of knowing that mistakes are ok. 1) Start by getting to know the individual child and, where necessary, focus on building their confidence/self belief. Often dyslexic children will have spent many years not having their needs adequately met and will assume that the difficulties they’ve experienced are their fault.

Dyslexia Testing and Assessment

There are some common terms you may encounter in an assessment report. Usually, the assessment proceeds between the assessor and child alone. However, depending on a child’s needs and history, the assessor may permit parents to be present. In 讀寫障礙評估 , the practitioner will use a comfortable room with few distractions. The assessor will take the child through a battery of tests and assessments over the course of a few hours.

What is the next step after dyslexia testing?

That’s because private testing costs are what most people find expensive. There are countless dyslexic people making a huge impact in the world – you might even have one or two future role models in your class. Let’s ensure that their time in education is a formative part of that journey rather than an unnecessarily difficult one. 14) Offer meaningful praise at every opportunity and use your encouragement to empower the child to overcome not only their difficulties but also any emotional trauma caused by past experiences.

Not sure if dyslexia testing is needed? Don’t have your child with you?

This will give you further information about your learning style and will look at solutions tailored to your needs and goals. This assessment is free to complete and does not require an email address to receive the results. Finally, you might be able to get some form of healthcare financing. While this might not be the ideal solution, if you can afford to pay the loan, you’ll at least get the testing you need. In most jurisdictions, psychologists need professional liability insurance.

Evaluation for Dyslexia: An Overview

When a student is having difficulties with reading and spelling, an evaluation is important for three reasons. Rapid naming happens when you recognize something instantly and effortlessly, and say what it is. This can happen with anything – objects, symbols, colors at the most basic level. For effective learning to take place, this must happen effortlessly and quickly, which is why it’s known as Rapid Automatic Naming . There is a wide range of tests that are commonly used in the United States by teachers and psychologists in order to assess comprehension skills.

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