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Strip lights or Industrial lighting – often long lines of fluorescent lamps used in a warehouse or factory. High- and low-bay lighting – typically used for general lighting for industrial buildings and often big-box stores. Ceiling Dome – the light source are hidden behind a translucent dome typically made of glass, with some combination of frosting and surface texturing to diffuse the light. اینجا کلیک کنید are classified by how the fixture is installed, the light function or lamp type.

A lamp here, a lamp there

In technical terminology, the lamp is the light source, which, in casual terminology, is called the light bulb. Both the International Electrotechnical Commission and the Illuminating Engineering Society recommend the term luminaire for technical use. A wide variety of special light fixtures are created for use in the automotive lighting industry, aerospace, marine and medicine sectors.

Light & Living creates a world full of inspiration for interior, specializing in lighting, home décor and furniture. Our team is always in search of the latest trends and developments, that make our products affordable and unique. Fixture manufacturing began soon after production of the incandescent light bulb. A light fixture , light fitting , or luminaire is an electrical device containing an electric lamp that provides illumination. All light fixtures have a fixture body and one or more lamps. The lamps may be in sockets for easy replacement—or, in the case of some LED fixtures, hard-wired in place.


The pendant creates a warm, inviting light that is further warmed by the tone of the wood. What began in 1881 as a small glass factory in southern Finland has become one of the best-known Finnish design brands in the world. Their lighting focuses on transparent glass pieces, offering candle-like lighting that’s charming as well as functional. Danish production house &Tradition started as a way to bring classic design items back into production. With pieces like Verner Panton’s Flowerpot Lamp and the Little Petra chair by Viggo Boesen, it’s no wonder they’ve become a go-to brand for some of the most important Scandinavian relaunches. It was about time for a contemporary Danish lighting brand!

With a soft, diffused warm light and a charming but clean silhouette, these table, floor, and pendant lamps have become one of the watershed designs of Danish interior style. Floor LampTorch lamp or torchières are floor lamps with an upward-facing shade. They provide general lighting to the rest of the room. Fixtures may also have a switch to control the light, either attached to the lamp body or attached to the power cable. Permanent light fixtures, such as dining room chandeliers, may have no switch on the fixture itself, but rely on a wall switch. Further improvements followed, including the development of the coiled filament.

You don’t have to struggle to find the on/off switch in the dark. For those locations that don’t have a handy electrical outlet, consider cordless table lamps. They look great, provide ample light and can be placed anywhere. Novelty lamps, such as lava lamps, are a great way to enliven the decor of any room. Choose a new lampshade from our collection to give any lamp a makeover. It’s an easy and affordable way to create a new look in any room.

If you need lamps for function or for fashion, you’ll be sure to find what you want in the giant selection we have at Target.com. For reading, work or play, you’ll find the lamp you need. Table lamps are one of the most common ways to bring light into a room. Stand-up floor lamps bring the light you need to a space that requires lighting but doesn’t have a convenient table. Floor lamps light up dark corners of a room, effectively enlarging the square footage of your living space.

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